The 10 Minute Kuwaiti Candidate

A veteran of a local civic legislative entity (currently running for Parliament) passed by a 3rd District diwaniya at the behest of the owners – who wanted some real quality time with the candidate in order to formulate their choices for the upcoming elections.

The candidate walks in at 12:15 am, salutes the diwaniya, immediately embarking on his standard ten minute speech, climaxing with “I’m ready for any questions.” The owner swiftly asks, “What do you think of local and Islamic blocs who haven’t really achieved anything for Kuwait the last decade? Moreover, why has Kuwait developed into such a mess, lagging behind Gulf States, where nobody even respects the law – what do you think is the appropriate solution to this dilemma?”

The candidate stands up, shoots back “The solution is vote for me,” promptly making his way out of the diwaniya.

The two guys planning to vote for him swiftly changed their minds; the rest of the diwaniya astounded at the candidate’s lack of political decorum.

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  1. Gentlemen, there are more than enough clues in my post to figure it out )

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