Bail Yourselves Out

People have been asking me about this issue and arguing for Kuwait government bailouts and hand-outs, so let me get this out into the open…

If you were dim-witted enough to buy out Aston Martin – a luxury car maker which produces a beautiful vehicle but has never had a profitable year (sans one) – then bail yourselves out.

If you were egotistical enough to think that ‘Global Investments’ – a company which dramatically expanded into risky investments for the sake of fast profits – was the next JP Morgan then bail yourselves out.

If you bought stock in a company which annually pays its CEO KD 5 million ($18 million) in bonuses then bail yourselves out.

You took the risk, you pay for it.

It is not the government’s job to use public finds to bail out investment companies with little transparency, who thrive on risk and speculation. Let them merge, bail themselves out or die.

2 thoughts on “Bail Yourselves Out

  1. You Bail Them Out, We Opt Out.
    Dear [May Be Too Much to my Taste, OK!] Expensive Chairman Ben S. Bernanke,
    All of Our Economic Problems Find They Root in the Existence of Credit.
    Out of the $5,000,000,000,000 bail out money for the banks, that is $1,000 for every inhabitant of this planet, what is it exactly that WE, The People, got?
    If my bank doesn’t pay back its credits, how come I must pay it back mines?
    If my bank gets 0% Loans, how come I don’t?
    At the same time, everyday, some of us are losing our home or even our jobs.
    Credit discriminates against people of lower economic classes, as such it is unconstitutional, isn’t it? It is an supra national stealth weapon of class struggle.
    Credit is a predatory practice. When the predator finishes up the preys he starves to death. What did you expect?
    Where are you exactly in that food chain?
    Credit Stands Up Against Both of All the Principles of Equal Opportunity and Free Market.
    Credit is a Stealth Weapon of Mass Destruction.
    Credit is Mathematically Inept, Morally Unacceptable.
    They Bail Them Out, We Opt Out
    Opting Out Is Both Free and Completely Anonymous.
    The Solution: The Credit Free, Free Market Economy.
    Is Both Dynamic on the Short Run & Stable on the Long Run, The Only Available Short Run Solution.
    I Am, Hence, Leading an Exit Out of Credit:
    Let me outline for you my proposed strategy:
    Preserve Your Belongings.
    The Property Title: Opt Out of Credit.
    The Credit Free Money: The Dinar-Shekel AKA The DaSh, Symbol: .
    Asset Transfer: The Right Grant Operation.
    A Specific Application of Employment, Interest and Money.
    [A Tract Intended For my Fellows Economists].
    If Risk Free Interest Rates Are at 0.00% Doesn’t That Mean That Credit is Worthless?
    Since credit based currencies are managed by setting interest rates, on which all control has been lost, are they managed anymore?
    We Need, Hence, Cancel All Interest Bearing Debt and Abolish Interest Bearing Credit.
    In This Age of Turbulence The People Wants an Exit Out of Credit: An Adventure in a New World Economic Order.
    The other option would be to wait till most of the productive assets of the economy get physically destroyed either by war or by rust.
    It will be either awfully deadly or dramatically long.
    A price none of us can afford to pay.
    “The current crisis can be overcome only by developing a sense of common purpose. The alternative to a new international order is chaos.”
    – Henry A. Kissinger
    You Bail Them Out, Let’s Opt Out!
    Check Out How Many of Us Are Already on Their Way to Opt Out of Credit.

    Let me provide you with a link to my press release for my open letter to you:
    Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, Quantitative [Ooops! I Meant Credit] Easing Can’t Work!
    I am, Mr Chairman, Yours Sincerely [Do I have really the choice?],
    Shalom P. Hamou AKA ‘MCShalom’
    Chief Economist – Master Conductor
    1 7 7 6 – Annuit Cœptis
    Tel: +972 54 441-7640

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