Happy National And Liberation Day!

(Photograph from Getty Images – by AFP)

This year it’s different.

The public is tired of repressive individuals (loyal to ‘elements’ beyond our borders) slamming our festivities, celebrations and even our National and Liberation days. These are our National and Liberations Days, our heritage, our history, our people, our victims, our heroes, our freedom.

Sing, dance, carry the flag, remember the martyrs and the heroes. Tell your children about what we went through. Don’t let them forget. And don’t let anyone stop you. Because this year we are not just celebrating – we are taking our country back.

One thought on “Happy National And Liberation Day!

  1. Amer, I think you need a good cadre of lawyers willing to help take back Kuwait, people who are good at documenting and proving precedent and what is a true Kuwait tradition and what is not. I think you are going to need to challenge some of the laws recently (last couple years) added to the books but not yet fully enforced, like segregation of schools, limiting women’s working hours, etc. These are on the books, and can bite us in the posterior if not challenged and expunged. They are not consistent with your Constitution.
    Issues that also need to be tackled – Kuwaiti women, marriage, citizenship of their children. Women responsible for themself after certain age, like able – LEGALLY – to get their own passport, for example.
    Oh. I’m sorry. I forgot . . . I’m not Kuwait . . .oops!

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