A Kuwait Milestone…

Who says Kuwait isn’t a vanguard of development and progress anymore? World’s Longest Shish Tawouk Cooked In Kuwait.


Now if we could only cook up ‘Jaber Hospital’ for starters (I think the project has been in the ‘marinating’ stage for three years).

4 thoughts on “A Kuwait Milestone…

  1. do we need this kind of an ELABORATE and FUNKY design???
    a boxed design (which shall provide the needed UTILITY behind such a hospital WILL DEFINITLEY help its cause!
    the boxed design is:
    1- so easy to build
    2- will not take a lot for the design phase
    3- will let the ministry and PEOPLE focus MORE on the services and the staff level than THE LOOKS! (inshala one day we all do the same for buildings and people)
    4- since the design will be a mere box, the change orders will sure be much less than a crocked design like this one!
    5- building maintenance in the Project Life Cycle will for sure be much cheaper than the current design! (since such a design REALLY deserves a higher maintenance standard than our service and maintenance PAR right now!)
    6- OH YAA.. the cost! we will save more with a boxed design!
    so here is my bet! if we change the design right now and start all over again.. we will be READY to operate in the finished boxed building than if we continue with the UNKNOWN stages of this messed up unfunctional and totally SHOWOFF and MONUMENTAL design!

  2. I am not sure of the design, it is funky yes, but I sure hope this is built to international medical/hospital standards.
    Is it eco friendly? Does it have a good waste management system and area?
    There is a whole wing built for ‘Visiting Heads of State’ (great, more wasted space – check the link).
    Where are the building parking lots? Or is it just a flat area outside a la ‘Sharq Mall’ ?
    Like you said, Simper, a funky design doesn’t necessarily mean it will up to medical standards.

  3. They don’t have enough doctors or equipment for our current hospitals! Let alone building this new which has been retendered at least three times if not more.. we are need of hospitals asap, even if they are small ones.. its getting too difficult to get medical attention in Kuwait!

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