When The ‘Poop’ Hits The Kuwaiti Fan!

Here we go again: retaliation is finally coming!

‘Kuwait Times’, alongside other newspapers, reported today that certain MP´s have received cheques of up to KD 100,000 from the Prime Minister’s office a while ago – one of the reasons supposedly behind some MP´s insistence that the Interpollation (i.e. Audit Bureau Quizzes) issue go to the ‘Constitutional Court’ (in order to seal its fate in legal secrecy).

Oh boy, I´ll enjoy seeing how this plays out in the coming few days. Ironic, however, that this issue comes just a few days short of the mandated Parliamentary session focusing on various critical issues. namely the ‘Economic Package’ this coming Tuesday.

If you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves!

4 thoughts on “When The ‘Poop’ Hits The Kuwaiti Fan!

  1. Seriously, its just really disheartening seeing the state we are in and our country is on hold thanks to those MPs. They have never thought of the collective good, instead they just want to fill their own pockets or to benefit their own constituents!

  2. I can’t really say it’s surprising.
    We have always heard of MPs getting their palms greased and we have also heard stories of MPs being ‘bought’ in order to vote for Speakership elections. Or for certain resolutions.
    Kuwaitis are not dumb, this is a small country, they know everything.
    The issue is not only MPs getting handouts from the PM – the issue is that some of those *same* MPs might turn on the PM at anytime.
    Another issue is this: who is leaking this stuff out and why?

  3. Some of the best part of this article are hidden down here in the comments. I am learning so much, just reading this blog. Great article, Aggressor.

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