The ‘Hadas Trio’ Play A Political Symphony!

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This latest news report about nationalizing Oil Contracts in order to create 10,000 jobs for Kuwaiti nationals shows just how ignorant these MPs are with regards to the needs of the country! And while I don’t mean ‘ignorant’ in a derogatory way, I mean it factually, as in ‘they don’t know what the hell it’s all about!’

It’s not simply a matter of enforcing legislation and hoping it’ll work out to solve the unemployment issue, there are a lot of things to consider, like experience, qualifications, career development, training, the list goes on!

Yes, there is legislation to financially support Kuwaitis in the Private sector, offering incentives to both employer and employee and so forth, however, the former looks for more than money; they demand skill-set enhancements, personal productivity, job stability, career development, personal development, things that money cannot buy, since they come from the employer’s need to satisfy his employees in order to produce and develop a new generation of producers.

There’s a reason why many jobs are filled by expatriates; they’re cheaper to payroll and more productive! The Kuwaiti entrepreneur will more likely that not choose an Asian accountant or IT Administrator over a Kuwaiti one, simply because a Kuwaiti’s minimum wage is supported by incentives and allowances that are in turn mandated by law (the end of term indemnity clause in the Kuwait Private Sector’s legislation alone is sufficient proof). Jobs for Kuwaitis need more than ‘nationalizing’ contracts or ‘Kuwaitization’ laws, they need a sound strategic Human Resources Development and Sustainability plan that coincides with legislation to support it, and I don’t see anyone from Hadas talking about this critical need.

In fact, I don’t see anyone talking about this need at all – even though it’s a textbook example of a critical business need; all I see are people asking for more and more incentives and allowances, with groups like Hadas singing their tunes.

Suspiciously, however, this report comes amidst a blizzard of political turmoil in Kuwait, preceded by an equally suspiciously timed report by MP Waleed Al-Tabtebai about ‘fixing up’ Jabriya…all within the political turmoil, when people are seeking to find a solution to the question of dissolution.

It’s all a game to these people, once they’re elected, they shout, bicker and threaten the government in order to cover up and pursue their own agendas, but by the time their term is up, they revert back to their initial promises during the elections periods…just like a child’s game! I have occassionally highlighted this on my blog, and am currently researching it further, but it’s clearly a game to these people. And it’s high time we voters quit playing and start acting.

Right now, in fact, I’m guessing someone is examining his notebook, deciding it’s time to keep true to his campaign promises to the hapless voters, especially since new elections on the horizon seem to be a sad reality.

What remains to be seen is whether we voters learn from our mistakes or not the next time around!

5 thoughts on “The ‘Hadas Trio’ Play A Political Symphony!

  1. Well said and thought out! These idiots just keep shouting about laws and pushing companies around when they aren’t putting in the basis for a well trained or educated Kuwaiti national. They should have the chance to gain extra skills set and not just learn that wasta is the way to go..

  2. “while I don’t mean ‘ignorant’ in a derogatory way”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Amer, what other way is there?
    You gotta wonder, how on earth do they get elected?

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