Where Is The ‘Green’ In Kuwait?


Kuwait, large, empty patches and plots of desert land around homes, bridges, buildings – many in central Kuwait and inside neighborhoods – why can’t they beautify or ‘green’ the areas: palm trees, grass, parks – anything?

Kuwait should plant millions of palm trees like the UAE at least – if any city needs additional oxygen it’s hot, dusty Kuwait.

I am sure they can arrange a grossly overinflated tender for that…




10 thoughts on “Where Is The ‘Green’ In Kuwait?

  1. There are definitely areas that are neglected and not maintained.
    Is it the responsibility of the public authority for agriculture affairs and fish resources http://www.paaf.gov.kw/?
    Or the Municipality? Or the local governors in each area?

  2. In one of your photos you show a fluffy green tree, native to Kuwait. Forget the palm trees, they take too much tending. Plant a lot of these gorgeous fluffy native green trees. And bougainvillia, which loves the climate. 🙂 And some more grasses, low water, low maintenance.

  3. you would be amazed by the collective area of public gardens in Kuwait; 320 hectares with an additional 40 hectares of gardens under construction. the vegetation strip in street has a length of about 1500 km. they are many plantations (= artificial forests) in different areas just to minimize the dustfall. there’re also 450 planted roundabouts and 46 planted areas …….

  4. ناطرين واحد من ربعهم ياخذ وكالة نخل عشان يرسونها عليه
    هذا اللي سووه مع الطابوق الأحمر

  5. As always: it comes down to good management (which we lack) and planning (which we simply don’t have!). Making Kuwait greener is VERY EASY. Look at the area surrounding the Avenues. Started with nothing and looks fantastic.
    We don’t need the country to be like the Avenues with flower beds and expensive olive trees. Simple basics would do! I second the suggestion by intlxpatr.
    When I travel around the Gulf and see what our neighbours have achieved, I get very frustrated with our endless sandy ‘footpaths’ and horrible (lack of) road side landscaping.

  6. First let me start by saying that Kuwait does a decent job considering its climate. I agree that there’s a lack of vision and proper management in Kuwait which has led to an infrastructure that barely meets our energy and water needs (and kuwaitis have extremely high energy and water needs as well as high gasoline usage per capita). That being said it would be extremely hard to make kuwait any greener with our current limits.

  7. Is it always about talking about what we lack rather than doing something about it?
    The important thing is this post should at least at minimum motivate the readers to plant few trees, even if they have a pessimistic attitude towards, planting on a large scale by the concerned authorities.
    I planted 5 plants. I am damn happy about it.
    Why not spread “Plant A Tree” word
    ~ Soul

  8. Now with raw sewage and chemical waste polluting Kuwait’s waters.. the entire land and water region is being used as a dumping ground!
    Asthma, cancer, skin conditions, etc…Hmmmm..?
    I say green Kuwait in every way possible! Stop polluting and stop littering! I’m educating my children and hope all Kuwaiti’s are doing the same! Respect the land, it’s where we all came from and where we are all going to end up!

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