On Kuwait Politicians and Windex

I’d like to thank Hilaliya for letting me post in his website and promise and do solemnly swear not to use words like ‘slut’, ‘prick’, ‘shit’, ‘bastard’, ‘tits’, or ‘whore’, ‘hooker’, ‘slut’ (twice ….. apologies ……), ‘bitch’, ‘hoo hoo’, ‘pee pee’ or ‘prick.’

It’s very hard for us as Kuwaitis and as humans in fact to live without politics and politicians. For one thing we wouldn’t have anything to complain about or anyone to blame and lets face it our parents would have very little to do at family gatherings if it weren’t for these close-minded, hypocritical, lying, cheating, corrupt and lurid men (and recently women) who we have chosen to represent us and our stake in the country we live in.

Sadly, however as with most things involving money, power and the public eye, politics has become a foray for those of us who are smart – for the most part, some can’t write their names yet but it’s still early and I doubt that the people who voted for him know the significance of literacy in the modern world – have scrupulous and rather mercurial morals.

So how do we fix our politicians? (And no I do not mean neuter them – although the idea may appeal to some; it is simply not a solution in the civilized world).

How do we make them represent us the way they should and promised? Unlike the cure for cancer, the flying car or cloning, not even Hollywood could come up with an answer…politicians can’t be fixed because they didn’t get into politics to change things, they got into politics to become famous and gain respect.

And they can’t be held accountable because no one can…lets face it, I’ve never been held accountable for a single unpaid bill or parking ticket and neither have you. We even have people who have been convicted of manslaughter in the US and are living happy k-town-esque lives and we enjoy our freedom to bypass rules, get things done quickly and forget about that speeding ticket.

So what solution could we possible come up with? (Before you ask, truth serum doesn’t work)

The answer apparently lies in cleanliness and lemon scented Windex…According to Professor Liljenquist of some University I’ve never heard of morals are largely dictated by how fresh the place smells….ugh…She compared how likely people were to be charitable in a Windex scented room and in a standard one and found that people were about twice as likely to be charitable and morally bound if you provided them with a clean environment.

But the trouble with that – apart from the fact that it sounds like hogwash – is that knowing the people within our current “Majless,” they’ll probably end up killing each other for the government tender to provide lemon scented, morally assured freshness in their meeting hall.

4 thoughts on “On Kuwait Politicians and Windex

  1. Darn the search engines are penalizing for the honesty of the first paragraph of this post.
    So how do we fix our politicians?
    For finding the mythical answer to that question we need to delve into the recesses of alternate reality.
    I am pretty confident we can find an answer in that parallel universe and where citric scented environments are quite possible too.
    The scent of the movie “Perfume; The story of a murderer” awakens the images and feelings from the deepest trenches of my mind, that the research mentioned in the post somehow remotely makes some sense..
    According to the hypothesis of alternate reality there should not be any half baked democracy and aristocracy in those alternate worlds, which is again to say, “Newspapers don’t get fined in that part of the world”.
    ~ Soul

  2. How about not giving the politicians what they want, when they become politicians; making them famous and giving them respect.
    They have nothing motivating for them left if they don’t get these. Its like the fish without water. Its bound to die or adapt.
    Don’t we civilians have the power to do that?
    We need some guidelines don’t we ?
    The herd needs shepherd(s), and so does confirms Pareto’s rule.
    Time to join forces for an evolving agenda.
    ~ Soul

  3. Nothing beneficial gets done unless a company or tender is involved. Even if it is environmentally or health based.
    And both the Parliamentarians and Government are responsible.
    And this really lies at the heart of the matter (especially in Kuwait – a country that places prestige on social and rank level):
    “Politicians can’t be fixed because they didn’t get into politics to change things, they got into politics to become famous and gain respect.”
    That’s it in a nutshell.
    KTDP, thanks for the contribution and keep them coming.

  4. It’s the nature of the game (politics). Take an average joe blow who’s known in his community for the past 30 years (he was born there, raised there and married there); pit him against a highly qualified person who spent the last 2 decades working and studying abroad and run an election 10 times over (to negaite error) and I guarantee you the less qualified person would win 6 times out of ten at least.

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