Save Lives, Build A Kuwait Race Track


(Still from Al-Arabiya)

Kuwait has one of the highest accident rates in the world, and it is only getting worse.

The recent tragic accident on a Doha, Kuwait highway resulting in the death of five individuals with fourteen injured (the victims included onlookers and racers on the popular highway strip) only goes to show that being on the road has turned into a hazard for all citizens.

When is this country – an affluent country – going to build a racetrack a la Bahrain or Abu Dhabi so kids can go race and save themselves and us further tragedies. It is time for Kuwait to build a track, whether its government or private funded is irrelevant; young men will never change, they speed, they show off, they do stupid car tricks – at least at the race track they can race, blow of steam and improve their driving and be monitored.

From what I have been relayed, Basil Salem Al-Sabah tried for years to push for a race track but was shunned – this was followed by offers from private citizens willing to invest in a race track but the government refused them land and permission.

This is a serious safety issue and the government needs to move on this as ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Save Lives, Build A Kuwait Race Track

  1. Having a race track built alone will not offer an effective panacea to the grim state of affairs on Kuwait roads. I used to think the road situation in Riyadh was pretty bad until I moved to Kuwait.
    You need to curb under age driving, drink driving and/or driving under the influence of substances of abuse. A`zero tolerance policy to all motorists caught jumping lights, speeding on the Gulf road, motorways etc., or found under the influence of alcohol or drugs irrespective of their nationality and social standing would be a useful first step.

  2. Things have come to such a pass that the local RTA here may want to consider “the shock & awe effect” -putting up exhibits of mangled remains of fatal cars wrecks on public display at the Avenues, 360, Souk Sharg, Marina Mall and Al Kout sharing floor space with the latest models of Maybach, Aston Martin, Bugatti and what have you.
    Whatever it takes to stop ’em speed merchants and halt them in their tracks!
    Does anyone else also feel that perhaps, there isn’t enough lighting on the motorways present ? 5th ring road is just about right but there’s more to be desired with all the rest.

  3. By far, KPTC bus drivers and heavy duty vehicle license holders are among the worse drivers on the loose.There ought to be a system in place requiring the above category of drivers to undergo annual testing of their driving skills set and safety awareness for renewal of their licenses.

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