Euro Parliament Members, Sign in, Check Out

Check out the video above (taken in 2008 by RTL); It features a European Parliament member whose monthly salary is 14,000 Euros (KD 5,580) sign in for work then dash out with their luggage.
Even moralistic Green Party MEP Hiltrud Breyer, one of the founding members of its party signs in, dashes, out banging her head on the elevator entrance. Maybe she was going to save a beached whale somewhere or harass a super tanker with an inflatable dinghy.
I always thought not coming to work, or signing in and dashing out was a Kuwaiti tradition perfected by Kuwaiti Government employees. Whenever you venture to a Kuwait Government establishment, you rarely see any Kuwaitis, only the Indian tea boy, the Bangladeshi cleaning boy, and the Egyptian clerk.
It seems even Europeans are not immune to laziness and cheating on the job.

2 thoughts on “Euro Parliament Members, Sign in, Check Out

  1. you are being nice when you say perfected by Kuwaitis. Actually absenteeism is an art perfected by government employees all over the world…whether India, Bangladesh, Egypt or Europe..

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