Kuwait’s MILSET ‘Robotic Center’

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Today I was so pleasantly surprised to discover a hidden treasure for kids with mechanical and robotic interests (If any of the kids you know like Lego, they are guaranteed to love this place). I originally heard about it from an acquaintance and must say I was impressed. The place is like a Robotic Centre created by MILSET (A French acronym for ‘International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology’). After hard work, the Ministry of Education backed up the idea and provided a venue: a humble renovated building in Rawda near a gas station.

Kids there are really encouraged to think which in this part of the world is rare. They are presented with problems given by the main centre to all MILSET global branches and try to offer solutions to that problem in regards to their environment (e.g. traffic). I saw wonderful solutions presented by even twelve year olds. In addition, they learn how to install programs from a computer into actual mini robots. Additionally, each student is given his own robot which is locked safely in a tool box when the student leaves (this is all provided free of charge). All you need to offer is a picture of the member. Unfortunately since it is a fairly new club, memberships for the moment are restricted to Kuwaitis boys only (they don’t have female employees yet, hence the ‘boys only’ aspect).

There are competitions held there as well; presently the ‘Fourth Annual School Robot Competition’ is being held where the finalist goes to Jordan for the semi-finals and the winners go to the United States for the finals. More than three thousand students attend that from all over the world.

If you are interested here is their link: www.milsetasia.org

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  1. Yes Soul, I have seen it before and like it, but the installation would be a PITA, unless you are adept at that sort of thing.

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